About Degas College

Degas College


The Degas College Vision is to uplift and upskill School Graduates, Artisans , learners and Technical employees through the introduction  and implementation of Internationally accredited Technical Programmes into South Africa. This has been achieved through our association and partnership with George Brown College which is a fully-accredited post-secondary institution for Continuous Learning (CCL) in Canada .GBC is the third largest provider of distance education courses in North America. With over 70,000 full- and part-time students, GBC has 20,000 distance education students in 25 countries.

The Degas/GBC association has opened up the opportunity for  Degas College  to  provide Artisans, Learners and Technical employees with the practical know-how and technical skills needed to become more employable and successful in their fields, These skills training programmes are based on Internationally recognised Programmes currently run in Canada and the USA.

The Degas School of Distance Education (DSDE), framed by its own mission and values, was formed in 2021 in response to the significant increase in enrolment in distance education courses  due to COVID restrictions, and programs within the Centre for Continuous Learning and in recognition of the unique challenges associated with supporting thousands of online students in different international time zones and in supporting the unique needs associated with asynchronous learning.