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How long will it be before the Robots take over in South Africa?

“Humans Wanted: Robots Need You”

In an article published by Business Tech in April 2019, the idea that Robots would one day replace workers and essentially human jobs was discussed – understandably this is one of the greatest debates of the decade!

The debate focused on the Automotive Industry and the necessity to upskill and educate Learners and existing employees was highlighted. Rather than reducing employment opportunities, organisations are investing in digital, shifting tasks to robots and creating jobs.


At the same time, companies are scaling their up-skilling programmes so that their human workforce can perform new and complementary roles to those done by machines such as Robots and the growing influence of Automation in Industry.

“As the employment and work environment continues to evolve, employers have an important role to play in terms of creating a culture of learning and working to build talent. Automation is changing the way that organisations operate."

In terms of South African employers, the results show that between 21% and 30% of South African and Guatemalan employers are planning to increase their headcount as a result of automation. 

Degas College has embraced this move and has introduced Six Internationally Recognised Skills Programmes into South Africa to start the process of upskilling and educating Learners and Technical employees on Electronics, Robotics and Automation.

Degas College - Industrial Automation Technician Programmes South Africa

Automation is the way of the future!

Enrol your Children, Learners and Technical staff now and let them be part of the Skills Revolution!

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