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National Skills Conference Summary - 28 September 2021

Blended Model Approach To Training Moving Forward

Skilling youth in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic has become the most crucial challenge for the entire skilling ecosystem. 

technical and vocational education and training in South Africa

Technical and Vocational Education and Training in South Africa

Everyone is trying to cope with the crisis using many innovative ways. The unprecedented situation has given a boost to online learning through digital media. However, in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) space, online learning alone is not enough. It requires the blended approach to design skill-based learning.  

Online learning adaptation is the core focus of the Dept Of Higher Education as set out at the National Skills Conference on the 28th and 29th September 2021. 

It was also highlighted the necessity for blended approach Learning, both in Industry as well as in TVETS, Universities and Private Training Centres, which is fast becoming the need of the hour. 

Skilling is radically transforming with the outbreak of the global Coronavirus pandemic. Skill training centres have been closed and all training programs have come to a halt.  

Consequently, students are working from home with no idea how to utilize their time – leaving them uncertain about the future.

Accredited Technical Programmes in South Africa

It is now imperative that over the next decade Industry, TVETS and Universities adapt online learning platforms in the most innovative ways possible. 

It will encourage students to use the virtual classes and engage with them productively, in addition to maintaining continuity with learning. 

Degas College – Technical College South Africa

Our online learning platform has been designed to offer blended learning programmes to Industry, TVETs, Universities and Private Training Centres. In the TVETs, the Universities and Industry, both practical skilling and knowledge components are equally important to produce well rounded, well-educated Artisans. 

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